Autorytet reżysera w teatrze

Kazimierz Braun


Kazimierz Braun

Director’s Authority in Theatre

The article presents the evolution of the position of the theatre’s director, which, as it is known, ended with the claim that the twentieth century was the age of the director. Meanwhile, a theatre without a director is not an unknown phenomenon. The author tracks the birth and the development of direction from practice to art, and the subsequent popularisation of directing in the organization of theatrical performances. The author gives a separate account the historical context of the domination of director in the Western culture. It also discusses the various sources of authority of the director, and presents a variety of director’s states, from a “total” director to the crisis of his authority. Other types of the director’s impact and engagement models constitute separate considerations, including the characteristics represented by such figures as: charismatic, educator, writer, playwright, administrator, and activist. The article refers to various types of influence typical of different historical periods and different patterns of involving culture in social life.

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