Oryginalność doświadczenia historycznego w ujęciu Franka Ankersmita


The aim of the article is to present the originality of Frank Ankersmit’s depiction of historical experience. The author of the article emphasises that the structure of historical experience in Ankersmit’s understanding and the structure of mystical experience in James’s study have many common elements. Then, the author makes a comparison between the conception of historical experience with that of mystical experience, in a way W. James understood them. She raises a question whether, in regard to these similarities, it may be stated that historical experience is a variety of a mystical one. If so, then to what extent the category of truth is valid in historical texts, since the historical experience and historical knowledge are questions which should be put in parenthesis with regard to their untranslatability into language and their intersubjective incommunicability which may be observed in the case of a mystical expeirence.

Published : 2018-04-26

Sawicka, J. (2018). Oryginalność doświadczenia historycznego w ujęciu Franka Ankersmita. Folia Philosophica, 33. Retrieved from https://www.journals.us.edu.pl/index.php/FOLIA/article/view/6893

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