The Deaths of Socrates


The article is an attempt to present in Plato’s thought traits of mourning philosophy, as the one oriented towards continuous referring of subject (in its structural and ontological heterogeneity) to (his/her own) death. To that end the author follows the deconstruction of Plato’s text conducted by Jacques Derrida, mainly in "La pharmacie de Platon", and continued in "La carte postale". Simultaneously, she intends to prove how the text of the dialogues itself shows the incoherence of Plato’s metaphysics, with the special consideration of immortality of soul, relation of writing to life speech and the role of myth in the discourse on immortality. Such a presented project of Plato’s thought as a philosophy of camouflaged mourning, the author combines with the fundamental, from the perspective of Derrida’s mourning thought, problem of postponement, auto-immunological reaction, appropriating and idealization of the death as well as his/her return by means of his/her name.


Published : 2018-04-26

Kopka, A. (2018). The Deaths of Socrates. Folia Philosophica, 33. Retrieved from

Aleksander Kopka

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