Neokrytyczna gnoseologia szkoły marburskiej Ujęcie Paula Natorpa


The paper presents epistemological project of philosophy by Paul Natorp in the context of Marburg School of neo-Kantianism. I take into account not only intellectual atmosphere of the department of philosophy at the University of Marburg, but also its influence on the character of Natorp’s works, changing characteristics of his presuppositions-hypotheses and the way of argumentation for them. Paying attention to strong influence of Immanuel Kant, and especially his transcendental logic, I disclose the differences emerging between Natorp’s programme of philosophy and the rules of neo-Kantianism set originally by Hermann Cohen.

Published : 2018-05-09

MusiołA. (2018). Neokrytyczna gnoseologia szkoły marburskiej Ujęcie Paula Natorpa. Folia Philosophica, 32. Retrieved from

Anna Agnieszka Musioł

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