The Future of the Western Civilization in the Social Thought of Feliks Młynarski


The proclamation of pessimistic visions of the future of western civilization was a characteristic feature of the Polish social thought in the first half of the 20th century. However, there are also concepts in which the future of humanity was presented optimistically. They include the philosophy of history by Feliks Młynarski. In the opinion of the philosopher, the history of humanity is arranged according to the opposition of individualism and universalism. The western civilization stands at the threshold of advantageous changes that lead towards the rule of individualism. In the future, the creative initiative of a human unit will be appreciated, it will be the time of social justice and human freedom.


Feliks Młynarski; civilization; nation

Published : 2018-12-24

Szumera, G. (2018). The Future of the Western Civilization in the Social Thought of Feliks Młynarski. Folia Philosophica, 40. Retrieved from

Grażyna Szumera
University of Silesia in Katowice  Poland

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