The Forgotten Dispute on Thomism


The aim of the article is the forgotten dispute regarding the world-view value of Thomism, taking place in the early 1960s in the Polish Catholic press. I attempt to present and evaluate the theses and arguments of both sides (critics as well as advocates of Thomism). My claim is that the dispute anticipated the loud discussion with Thomism initiated by J. Tischner in the 1970s and designated the areas of confrontation, as well as, the content and the character of the arguments for and against Thomism.


christian philosophy; existential thomism; traditional thomism; world-view; S. Siemianowski; H. Bortnowska; B. Celiński; M. A. Krąpiec; J. Tischner

Published : 2018-12-24

Tyl, M. (2018). The Forgotten Dispute on Thomism. Folia Philosophica, 40. Retrieved from

Mirosław Tyl
University of Silesia in Katowice  Poland

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