Symboliczne formy władzy


The research was aimed at answering two questions: which politicians' features, qualities and behaviours reinforce the civil support and which deliberative competences citizens have got. The respondents regardless of their political preferences pointed to the same behaviours of politicians occupying the most important state posts. These were: constitutional duties, spe- cial accountability for words and frequent speaking in public. The majority of the respon- dents said that a politician should be able to defend his opinion, effectively carry out his ideas and at same time he should listen to others' ideas and understand the problems of ordinary men. The majority of those polled restricted themselves to radio, TV, Internet and printed media in passive rather active way. They use the media rather as a source of political knowledge than an instrument of public deliberation. The research, concentrated on the communicative perspective of political power, showed that beliefs about the symbolism of power are shared by the majority of citizens regardless of their political views and choices.

Published : 2011-01-01

Kampka, A. (2011). Symboliczne formy władzy. Political Preferences, (2). Retrieved from

Agnieszka Kampka

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