Przywódcy polskich partii politycznych


The article concerns the place of a leader In a party, their statutory competences and the vot- ers' evaluation of a party and its leader: is the present leader fulfilling their role in the expected way, would the leader change improve the voters' perception of the party, would they vote on the party if the present leader resigned. The leader position in a party is due to the respect which is given to the leader or to statute of the party. The research involves four biggest Polish Parties: Platformę Obywatelska RP, Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, Sojusz Lewicy demokratycznej and Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe. The statute analyze proves that from voters' point of view the more powerful becomes and more competences gets a leader whose party is more on the right side of the parliament. despite the fact that the voters do not realize the formal side of the leadership, their evaluation of the party is combined with the scale of a leader's competences set in a party statute. The vot- ers' evaluations of leaders have confirmed the leader's formal basis, although the evaluations were more in respect to the personality and charisma. the right side parties leaders are evaluated as strong personalities by their own voters. in the research the vorters evaluated the leaderships of their parties in a respectably positive way and did not want to change them.

Published : 2011-01-01

Tomczak Łukasz. (2011). Przywódcy polskich partii politycznych. Political Preferences, (2). Retrieved from

Łukasz Tomczak

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