(Dis)trust into the rule of law in Slovenia


After the collapse of the non-democratic regime in the early 1990s, pu- blic opinion surveys became important factor in the process of democratic de- cision-making. Author is analysing the results of public opinion surveys, which bring together data on the attitude of the general public towards democracy, (dis)satisfaction with the political situation and (dis)satisfaction with most im- portant political and administrative institutions with special emphasis given to the public's (dis)trust toward the rule of law. Based on the data obtained article allocates Slovenia's position compared to other established European demo- cracies as well as post-communist countries from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) on the scale of the relationship of the dimensions of societal (dis)trust in political power.


Published : 2013-01-01

Hacek, M. (2013). (Dis)trust into the rule of law in Slovenia. Political Preferences, (4). Retrieved from https://www.journals.us.edu.pl/index.php/PP/article/view/4180

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