Coordinates of Interests of Media, Political Subjects and Recipients


The study primarily deals with the influence of media on perception of political subject agendas by the media audience. It will concentrate on the stra- tegy of political subUects whose utmost obUective is to provoke the specific ef- fect - to draw attention of media and recipients and to force them to pay atten- tion to their agendas. It underlines the practices of political subjects in gaining influence on media as well as on the public by offering their own agendas. lt also deals with the role and procedures of media in interpreting political scan- dals and creating atmosphere in the framework of receiving the events by the target audience.


Published : 2013-01-01

Pravdova, H. (2013). Coordinates of Interests of Media, Political Subjects and Recipients. Political Preferences, (4). Retrieved from

Hana Pravdova

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