Ciągłość czy zmiana? - o szansach nowych partii w Polsce


The emergence of new party should be an answer for voters' demand on new political initiatives. Since the beginning of the 21th century we have been faced with lack of representativeness of political parties. In addition, there is weak party identification among Polish electorate. The empirical research presented in this article proves that the portion of electorate expecting an emergence of new party is increased. However, the Polish voters don't believe that potential new parties can reach the relevant position in party system. The results of Palikot Movement (currently: Your Move) in parliamentary election 2011 and the Congress of the New Right in this year's European Parliament election shows that appropriate political program can bring about a success of new political formation.

Published : 2014-01-01

Marmola, M. (2014). Ciągłość czy zmiana? - o szansach nowych partii w Polsce. Political Preferences, (8). Retrieved from

Maciej Marmola

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