Demokracja bezpośrednia na poziomie lokalnym. Czy obywatele chcą partycypacji?


Contemporary theory of democracy places great emphasison direct forms of citizens' participation in political life. Direct democracy is the core of the functioning of democratic systems. It is a general rule in making deci- sions, even those controversial or connected to public affairs, taking place in the common vote. What kinds of institutions of direct democracy are practiced, it mainly depends on historical, cultural and economical conditions. The aim of the research is an attempt to specify the level of support forcitizens' participation in new forms of direct democracy such as participatory budgets, as well as the purpose of the research is the diagnosis for citizens' abilities to participate in the possible institutions of direct democracy that function in the local government. To summarize conducted research, it can be concluded that citizens declare the irsupport for the possibility of co-deciding on municipality budgets and possibility ofstrengthening the irparticipation through the available institutions of direct democracy in local governments, such as the referendum or locals' consults. This support is generally independent from sympathizing with the different political parties or ideological view points.

Published : 2014-01-01

Tybuchowska-Hartińska, K. (2014). Demokracja bezpośrednia na poziomie lokalnym. Czy obywatele chcą partycypacji?. Political Preferences, (8). Retrieved from

Karolina Tybuchowska-Hartińska

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