Preferencje polityczne a wolność słowa


In Poland, the way to make the constitutional basis of freedom of speech and freedom of the media opened up with breakthrough systemic taking place in 1989. Today it is sanctioned under the Constitution of 1997 (article 14 expresses the freedom of media and article 54 regulates freedom of expression) and a matter of law on the National Council of Radio and Television. The need for free media market, free flow of information and opinions and the need to protect it with a functioning system of judicial instruments - domestic and international - is now the standard functioning of democratic states. If what is more free speech - mainly imple- mented by means of mass communication is a real value and perform proper function in society - the mass media must be able to operate without restrictions or influence by external actors. Only then they will be able to inform the public about the socio-political events in the most objective way. Everyone has the right to express their thoughts, whether in private life, whether in public life. In addition, each sentence of the people must be respected, even if someone disa-grees with him. This rule is reflected not only in Polish law (both in terms of the Constitution and ordinary laws) but also in the program documents, demands and actions of all major Polish political scene at the party. On the basis of the current legal regulations, political parties have the ability to access public radio and television, which have an impact on the implementation of the constitutional right of freedom of expression in practice. For this example, an object of study focused on two levels of analysis, in relation to the parliamentary elections of 2011 and in the context of political ideology. The analysis of em- pirical data on two key issues: the use of freedom of speech by the media in Poland and protec- tion of the constitutional right of free speech by the Polish political parties.

Published : 2012-01-01

WichuraJ. (2012). Preferencje polityczne a wolność słowa. Political Preferences, (3). Retrieved from

Jarosław Wichura

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