Partycypacja polityczna kobiet a wprowadzanie ustawowych kwot wyborczych


This part of our report describes the reasons of unequal women's representation in Polish parliament and changes that have been introduced by new Electoral Code. According to our researches, voters of right-wing parties are against the introducing of gender quotas,whereas electorate of centre and left-wing parties believes more frequently in effectiveness of legal regulations that guarantees equal women's representation in parliament. After the pass- ing of the Electoral Code that implemented 35% gender quotas, the number of women in Polish parliament have not increased significantly. It seems that changes of public awareness, fighting with stereotypes and patriarchal social system are better methods of improvement of women's participation in parliament than new regulations in Polish electoral system.

Published : 2012-01-01

MarmolaM., & OlszaneckaA. (2012). Partycypacja polityczna kobiet a wprowadzanie ustawowych kwot wyborczych. Political Preferences, (3). Retrieved from

Maciej Marmola
Agata Olszanecka 

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