Sztuczna inteligencja w prawie prywatnym międzynarodowym — wstępne rozważania

Marek Świerczyński


The legal effects of the use of artificial intelligence algorithms need to be assessed not only at the level of national law, but also at the level of private international law. The initial point of assessment is to determine the law applicable to legal events related to artificial intelligence. The conflict of laws analysis of artificial intelligence also allows to expand the knowledge about traditional private international law institutions, such as ordre public clause. The paper does not pretend to fully explain the issue of conflict of laws of artificial intelligence. Its aim is to make a preliminary verification of the conflict-of-laws methods based of existing instruments. The study aims to start an academic discussion on artificial intelligence in the context of the conflicts of law. It is important as legal events related to artificial intelligence algorithms are characterized by considerable complexity.

Słowa kluczowe

artificial intelligence; conflict of laws; smart contracts; ordre public


Opublikowane : 2019-12-31

Świerczyński, M. (2019). Sztuczna inteligencja w prawie prywatnym międzynarodowym — wstępne rozważania. Problemy Prawa Prywatnego Międzynarodowego, 25, 27-41.

Marek Świerczyński 
Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie  Polska