Between Suspicion and Love. Reality, Postcritique, and Euro-American Modernization (An Introduction to the Debate)


The essay introduces major tenets in the current debate on postcritique, focusing especially on the widespread rejection of symptomatic reading in literary studies and on the rejection of rupture as both a modernist and theoretical model for the conception of the new. Further, it presents theory as a phase of Euro-American modernization. Finally, it outlines a wider, more dynamic concept of critique, understood as a movement of intellectual—and geographical—displacements.


Critique and Postcritique; Italian Theory; Modernism; Modernity; European-American Relations

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Published : 2020-12-31

MitranoM. (2020). Between Suspicion and Love. Reality, Postcritique, and Euro-American Modernization (An Introduction to the Debate). Review of International American Studies, 13(2), 185-208.

Mena Mitrano
Ca' Foscari University of Venice  Italy
Mena Mitrano conducts research in the field of Anglo-American Languages and Literatures [Lingue e Letterature Anglo-Americane] at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. She is the author of In the Archive of Longing: Susan Sontag’s Critical Modernism (Edinburgh University Press 2016; paperback 2017), Gertrude Stein: Woman Without Qualities (Ashgate 2005), Language and Public Culture (Edizioni Q 2009), and the co-editor of The Hand of the Interpreter: Essays on Meaning After Theory (Peter Lang 2009). Her core interest is the intimate link between modernism and theory. She has written on modernism, American literature, literary theory/critical theory, psychoanalysis, visuality, and great women intellectuals. Currently, she is completing her new book on critique.

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