L'intertexte et la délocalisation de la culture du texte dans <i>Salut Galarneau!</i> de Jacques Godbout


The article is a study of intertextual strategies in Godbout’s philosophical novel “Salut Galarneau!” (1967) Claude Filteau which asserts that inter- and transtextuality belong to the democratic regime of writing. Intertextuality works primarily through literary genres. The paper concentrates on the figure of François Galarneau, the main character of the novel who, in his search for truth, is unable to overcome his own contradictions as a self-taught writer and a ‘Quebecois’ without money in a consumerist world. Through copies of letters, classified ads, cooking recipes, women’s advice columns and TV commercials the main hero relates his life story, while dreaming about being stripped off the book pages by his readers. It is Galarneau’s ‘wandering letter’, called by Jacques Ranciére the ‘orphan speech’,     

Key words: intertextuality; novel; philosophical tale; heteroglossia; low culture; Canadian literature

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