Regionalny atlas kobiet


Wielkopolski alfabet pisarek, the first literary alphabet in Poland devoted to female writing, consists of forty-nine profiles of women authors creating and living in different periods, from the medieval to modern times. A conceptual idea of female authors-editors, namely Ewa Kraskowska and Lucyna Marzec, realizes a feminist idea of locality, in this case, Great Polishness, that is becoming a place of radical opening, but also a dividing line for female writing. A literary image of the region, derived from Wielkopolski alfabet pisarek, show the space of dynamic variety that is not and should not be a destination place of all considerations, but just their beginning.

Probyn Elspeth. 1990. Travels in the Postmodern: Making sense of the local. W Feminism / Postmodernism, red. Linda Nicholson. New York-London: Routledge.


Opublikowane : 2013-06-28

Szopa, K. (2013). Regionalny atlas kobiet. Śląskie Studia Polonistyczne, 3(1), 251-256. Pobrano z

Katarzyna Szopa 
Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach  Polska

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