Romanica Silesiana ­is a peer-reviewed journal published annually. It is devoted to French, Spanish, Italian and Anglophone literatures, as well as literary translation. Each issue contains essays on a specific topic of a broad literary interest, as well as reviews of recently published theoretical works related to the issue in question. Articles and reviews are published in French, Spanish, Italian, and English.

Romanica Silesiana follows the double-blind procedure (the reviewers’ identity is concealed from the author and vice versa), using two external reviewers – one affiliated to a Polish, and one to a foreign institution - to review the publications. If a text receives one negative review, it is sent to a third reviewer who has no knowledge of the previous proceedings. A general list of reviewers is published annually on Romanica Silesiana website and in each issue.

Below you’ll find review sheets in English (EN), French (FR), Spanish (ES), and Italian (IT).