Vol 8 No 1 (2022): Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition

The topics of the present volume extend between focus on selected language skills influenced by a range of psycholinguistic variables, learning environments and instruction types, issues related to teacher wellbeing, and textbook analysis. The opening text “Language Teacher Wellbeing in the Workplace: Balancing Needs” by Sonja Babic, Sarah Mercer, Astrid Mairitsch, Johanna Gruber, and Kirsten Hempkin is the only one in the volume concentrating on teachers. Since it has been proven that teachers’ wellbeing correlates positively with the quality of teaching and overall learners’ success, the authors decided to investigate the factors which contribute to the construct. The study is especially valuable for its diversified and multinational perspective and inclusion of not only psychological and individual variables, but also influences of wider educational and sociological environments. The second paper, by Xavier Martin-Rubió and Irati Diert-Boté titled “Catalan Law and Business Students in Italy:  The Impact of a Stay Abroad on Fluency and Accuracy,” shifts the perspective towards the learners. The author applies a qualitative perspective and investigates the factors responsible for diverse values of fluency and accuracy measures among three subjects participating in the study, in an attempt to provide some useful tips for both teachers and learners on how to make the most of an organized mobility abroad.

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Danuta Gabryś-Barker; Adam Stanisław Wojtaszek

Sonja Babic, Sarah Mercer, Univ.-Prf. Dr., Astrid Mairitsch, Mag., Johanna Gruber, Mag., Kirsten Hempkin