Vol 8 No 2 (2022): Nomos – Ethos – Oikonomia. In Memory of Professor Remigiusz Sobański

Da questa parte onde ‘l fiore è maturo 
di tutte le sue foglie, sono assisi 
quei che credettero in Cristo venturo

Dan­te Ali­ghie­ri

Divina Commedia/Paradiso/Canto XXXII, 22-24

Dedicating the next two volumes to the memory of Professors Rev. Józef Tischner and Rev. Remigiusz Sobański, the Editorial Board of Philosophy and Canon Law would like to express their gratitude in the form of a symbolic “rose.” The contemplation on the legacy and contribution to culture of these outstanding Thinkers, Teachers of the ethos of a scientist in limitless devotion to truth and its search – after all, makes us recall the mystical “rose” from Dante Alighieri’s world monument to literature. But also the one from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s masterpiece. As Stanisław Grygier inspiringly deduces – the presence of the “rose” gives the Little Prince’s life meaning and value, makes him free. In the bonds of his responsible love, the nation and society are born – the space for the spiritual development of man (ethos). Little Prince’s home (oikos), in which law (nómos) stems from love of the land, cultivated for the “rose” – that is, the common good – constitutes what is called oikonomia.

Part One: Canon Law

Part Two: Reviews