Psychological and marketing conditions of electoral activity of women


The purpose of the article was to show the problem of female electoral activity in Poland. This subUect fits into a current debate on the participation of women in political systems and its limitations. There are many obstacles that prevent women from political participation and their influence is still rather symbolic then real. The source of this situation is also historical and social. Moreover, young democracies are at greater risk of "marketing pathology" be- cause their institutional mechanisms are not built on the foundations of civil society. The perception of politics differs among men and women, but this is mainly due to exogenous factors. Political marketing as a set of tools in the same range can affect men and women, although the differences appear at the level of self-creation of image, choice of strategy and the style of ruling after winning an election.


Published : 2013-01-01

Kasińska-Metryka, A. (2013). Psychological and marketing conditions of electoral activity of women. Political Preferences, (4). Retrieved from

Agnieszka Kasińska-Metryka

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