Peer Review Process

Every text sent to the editor must be consistent with the issues addressed by the letter and the technical requirements. "Political Preferences" print only previously unpublished texts, and based on empirical research.

Stages of publication
When Secretary receive a text, he evaluates whether the text was written in accordance with the requirements of the editorial and that the substance is in profile writing. The text is sent to the Editorial Board, which decides to send a text to review. The evaluation of each publication shall appoint two reviewers from outside the unit. In the case of texts produced in a foreign language at least one of the reviewers is affiliated to a foreign institution other than the nationality of the author. Each text is submitted to review by the double-blind review process - authors and reviewers do not mutually know their personality. If you receive two positive evaluations of reviewers text returns to the Editorial Board, which ultimately decide whether the text will be published in a forthcoming journal.