Witold Zygmunt Kulerski activities – secretary Stanisław Mikołajczyk's – after World War II


Witold Zygmunt Kulerski was one of the closest associates of the Prime Minister of Polish government in exile Stanisław MikołaUczyk. During World War ll he was one of the closest collaborators of Stanislaw MikołaUczyk- Office of the Vice-President of the National Council of the Republic of Poland, Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister of the Polish government in exile. Kulerski's commission devoted much attention to the affairs of Germany. This issue has been leading in international affairs, it is no wonder that Congress PSL lot of space devoted to it. Speaker stressed that the People's Movement du- ring its period of organizational and ideological took the view that the main "(...) the objective must be to secure Polish and Slavic world securing the ag- gressive spirit of the German". Kulerski's commission expressed concern due to the lack of activity of the Polish government to sign agreements and treaties of trade and economic with other countries than the Soviet Union. The committee members in their speeches stressed that in many areas of trade and international agreements are being overtaken by other countries and are overlooked in transactions due to insufficient activity of the Polish Government.


Published : 2013-01-01

Astramowicz-Leyk, T. (2013). Witold Zygmunt Kulerski activities – secretary Stanisław Mikołajczyk’s – after World War II. Political Preferences, (4). Retrieved from https://www.journals.us.edu.pl/index.php/PP/article/view/4192

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