European Parliament Elections in Lithuania: Populist Competition in the Shadow of the Presidential Vote


The 2014 European Parliament elections in Lithuania were successful for mainstream political parties: no new-born political movement came up in the political scene; no open Euro-sceptic party was able to gain any seats. But such a victory came at a price: the major European topics (joining the euro-zone, land-ownership by the foreigners) were left aside; the EP electoral campaign was overshadowed by Presidential elections with populist discussions about Russian threats and national security. The coincidence of two political campaigns boosted the voter turnout and made a significant impact on the distribution of MEP seats; because of the higher turnout, smaller parties were able to enter the EP, while two established parties with devoted core voters suffered some losses compared to the 2009 EP elections.

Key words:
European Parliament, Lithuania, elections, campaign, electoral slogan, populism

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Published : 2014-07-01

AleknonisG. (2014). European Parliament Elections in Lithuania: Populist Competition in the Shadow of the Presidential Vote. Political Preferences, (9). Retrieved from

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