Aims and scopes

“Loci Communes” is a bi-annual scientific journal with a focus on the latest research on the cultural aspects of created spaces, and architectural design. It publishes articles that analyse the conditions of perceiving, shaping, using and experiencing different types of spaces, their meaning and symbolic dimensions, their historical and cultural, as well as their aesthetic values and related to those cultural practices.

Due to its interdisciplinary profile, the journal does not employ a particular methodological or theoretical approach. Published articles are to be based on empirical knowledge, conceptual proposals oriented towards further exploration of undertaken problems, and selected case studies. We encourage submissions of manuscripts from fields such as: art history and art practices, humanities, architecture and urban design. We also encourage practitioners outside of Universities to submit manuscripts: architects, designers, activists, representatives of research institutes, think-tanks, and independent researchers. The aim of the journal is a continuous updating of knowledge necessary for performance of a critical verification of research results presented by the academics and field researchers, as well as the implementation potential of practitioner architects and urban planner’s works – from the conceptualisation of a design idea, through design methodologies, verification of theory, architectural critique, to the realisation and modernisation of design works and culturally important spaces.

The journal‘s intention is to serve as a platform for an equal exchange of ideas between disciplines, in order to contribute to the search for new research perspectives, as well as to stimulate the implementation of specific solutions based on the latest research results in the field of humanities, cultural anthropology, cultural studies, the sciences of perception and architecture in the broadest sense.