Publisher Policies

Publishing College: The Publishing House of the University of Silesia has established a Publishing College independent of the editorial office and the Scientific Council of the journal, representing the University of Silesia in Katowice in taking care of high publishing standards of all journals published at that university. The College sets the general framework for the functioning of the journal (among others on minimum rules for reviewing and determining publication ethics). The regulations guarantee the journal's editorial office full independence in terms of content. The principles guiding the University of Silesia Publishing House can be found on the website:

Dealing with situations of unethical behaviour: the publisher, in close cooperation with the editors, shall take all necessary measures to clarify situations of unethical scientific behaviour. This includes the publication of an errata, clarification or withdrawal of work. The publisher and editors are obliged to prevent scientific misuse. Under no circumstances will they encourage or knowingly commit abuse.

Access to content: the publisher undertakes to ensure permanent access to the research and its protection. It implements this commitment through its own digital archive and partnerships with relevant organisations. Detailed information on the rules of archiving in the Publishing House of the University of Silesia can be found at: