Vol 8 No 2 (2022): Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition

The purpose of the Preface to this new issue of Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition is twofold. Firstly, it offers a short introduction for new readers to familiarize them with the origins of the journal (a permanent element of the Preface). Secondly, the text provides a fairly detailed comment on the contents of the present issue.


The present volume 8/2 offers a wide variety of interesting topics well-grounded in theoretical considerations and literature overviews, but importantly, also reporting on empirical projects carried out by researchers, some of them well-known scholars, others young aspiring academics. The articles selected also offer a variety of contexts in which the studies were conducted, ranging from that of our local Polish research to Iranian university studies, which are quite well-represented here. The opening text by Liliana Piasecka, entitled “When “grass was greener”: Longplay Album Covers and Learning English. A Retrospection,” at first sight looks like a sentimental journey into the world of music (which it is in part). The author’s aim is to demonstrate the power of experiential learning which combines elements of material culture that are meaningful to a learner and thus, that motivate him or her to learn a FL. The account is based on the author’s own reflections on her learning experiences and the impact of longplay album (LP) covers of the 1960s on her learning success. The text also offers  some practical ideas for a FL classroom.

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Danuta Gabryś-Barker, Adam Wojtaszek