Vol 1 No 1 (2015): Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition

The present inaugural issue consists of articles in various areas of SLA and also research in multilingualism. The thematic spread of this issue ranges from the texts relating purely to linguistic aspects of second language acquisition/learning in different contexts and at different levels to issues of the identity of those involved in the process of foreign language learning, teachers and learners. Jolanta Latkowska reconsiders the validity of linguistic relativity proposal as a reference frame for modern research (How relevant is the Sapir-Whorf -Hypothesis to contemporary psycholinguistic research?), while Larisa Aronin and Vasilis Politis propose to view the concept of multilingualism from a philosophical perspective (Multilingualism as an edge). The construct of language self is applied in the study by Dorota Owczarek (Advanced FL students’ self-perception of their language identity), which signals a theme developed in the final paper by Tammy Gregersen (Aligning Who I Am with What I Do: Pursuing Language Teacher Authenticity), who characterizes language teacher identity and authenticity from both philosophical and pedagogical perspective. Two papers focusing on syntactic issues present the problem from the point of view of language learners (Xinyue Cécilia Yu - The acquisition at the interface of ditransitive constructions in Mandarin Chinese by French adult learners) and the teachers (Arzu Ünel, Meryem Mirioğlu – Syntactical Modifications in Teacher Talk of Native and non-Native Speakers in EFL Classrooms). Last but not least, Priya Ananth and Masaaki Kamiya demonstrate language-specific idiosyncrasies pertaining to the sensitivity of prosodic cues in disambiguating sentences (Effect of Prosody on Disambiguation: A Case of Universal Quantifier and Negation). As can be seen, the scope of the topics raised by the authors and the application of both theoretical and practical perspective harmonize very well with the title of our new journal.

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Danuta Gabryś-Barker, Adam Wojtaszek

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