Call for papers


Numbers 1 and 2 of Volume 11, published in 2023, will be devoted to the interdisciplinary nature of logopedic management and we propose that they encompass a broad perspective of medical, linguistic, psychological, and pedagogical descriptions of speech in development and in disorders. We are interested in research proposals undertaking studies in the fields of language culture and biological conditions of speech development and its disorders, linguistics, and speech therapy.

Issues 1/2023 and 2/2023:

  • description of the norm in speech therapy;
  • analysis of such complex phenomena as language, its acquisition and functioning in the mind, and disordered human language behavior: speech defects, stuttering, speech disorders in deafness, brain damage of various etiologies;
  • disordered discourse;
  • bilingualism and multilingualism;
  • biological conditions of speech development;
  • assessment and therapy of voice, of speaking;
  • therapy of swallowing disorders;
  • speech therapy in neurodegenerative diseases.

We are open to texts developing speech therapy science and promote speech therapy culture.

Submission schedule


We invite you to submit texts for the next issues. The Editorial Team will accept texts according to the following schedule:

texts for issue 1/2023 – until the end of September 2022

texts for issue 2/2023 – until the end of March 2023

texts for issue 1/2024 – until the end of September 2023

texts for issue 2/2024 – by the end of March 2024


Articles are published in the mode of current online publication, after going through the full review, editorial and publishing process.

Waiting time for reviews and decision on final qualification of the text for publication is up to three months.

Please submit articles for publication via the Open Journal System platform (see).

We invite you to cooperation and sending texts!