Call for Papers - 2023 - Philosophy as therapy: methods - challenges – trepidations 


We invite the submission of articles for its 1/2023 issue. We encourage submissions inspired by the following themes:

  • A new understanding of philosophical practice? 
  • Philosophical counseling 
  • Philosophical coaching 
  • Sources and contexts
  • Difficulties 
  • Interdisciplinarity as a problem 


  • What is „care of the soul” today? 
  • Philosophy and psychotherapy;
  • Logotherapy, psychology and existential psychotherapy;
  • Philosophical counseling versus other types of counselling;
  • Philosophy as a spiritual exercises (Hadot) and technologies of the self (Foucault);
  • Methods of philosophical counseling - sources, strengths, and weaknesses;
  • Coaching - philosophical inspirations or pop-philosophy?

The main requirements for the submission are the high quality and originality of the papers. Submissions are accepted in Polish or English. The articles should not exceed the length of 40,000 characters and should conform to the specific guidelines provided on our website
You are welcome to send us either electronic copy of your paper. The Deadline for online submissions is Thursday, August 31st 2023. We aim to give the authors our decision within three months. Once accepted, the paper is expected to appear within a calendar year. For further information please consult our website or write to us at
Dr. Habil. Dariusz Kubok - Editor in Chief
Dr. Habil. Tomasz Kubalica - Deputy Editor