Trzy kultury i aksjologia Przyrody. Dążenie do racjonalności dyskusji o eksploatacji środowiska naturalnego


Attempts to rationalize Man-Nature conflicts rely on the discussion limits set to the Scientific facts only (value-free science) with no emotion or opinion expressed. The number of examples presented from the field of hunting and fishery demonstrates that Science can model the population mortality or define the sustainable exploitation. However, it will not help to account for the way and reason for killing wild animals. As nowadays Nature is valued in a number of different ways, there is an urgent need to combine the traditionally separated domains of Science and Letters that is being postulated by a number of contemporary conservationists.

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Consilience; man-nature conflicts; three cultures; wildlife exploitation

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WęsławskiJ. (2018). Trzy kultury i aksjologia Przyrody. Dążenie do racjonalności dyskusji o eksploatacji środowiska naturalnego. Zoophilologica, (4), 181-188. Pobrano z

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