Plato and the Classical Theory of Knowledge


In this paper, the notion of the classical theory of knowledge is analysed with reference to its primary source – the philosophy of Plato. A point of departure for this analysis is the description of the classical theory of knowledge presented by Jan Woleński in his book Epistemology (but it can be also found in the works of other researchers devoted to epistemology). His statements about Plato are examined in the context of Plato’s thought. The dialogues Apology, Gorgias, Meno, fragments of the Republic, Theaetetus, Timaeus and the testimonies about the so-called agrapha dogmata are especially taken into consideration.


Plato, knowledge


Published : 2019-12-30

PacewiczA. (2019). Plato and the Classical Theory of Knowledge. Folia Philosophica, 42(2), 91-114.

Artur Pacewicz
University of Wrocław  Poland

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