O czasopiśmie

Silesian Journal of Polish Studies is a periodical on the history and criticism of Polish literature published at the University of Silesia. This academic journal of the Silesian Polish Philology Faculty was started in 2010 by scholars working in the Institute of Polish Literature.
The main part of each issue of Śląskie Studia Polonistyczne consists of scholarly articles devoted to a particular subject. This section is entitled Treatises and Articlesand contains studies discussing a previously chosen and defined research question, literary phenomenon or the creativity of a certain author. The analyses are based on new research perspective. They apply new modes of description and can be devoted to each element of literary universum . Among the topics that have been analyzed so far the following examples can be mentioned: Alternative Life of History (in Literature); Słowacki after 200 Years; Psychoanalysis - Politics - Social Change.
Another important section of the journal is entitled Presentations. Here short interviews with contemporary Polish writers or discourses on creative writing are presented. In addition there are two or three critical reviews commenting on the creativity of the invited writer.
Each issue also contains a Review and Surveys section, which offers the reviews of the latest academic and essayistic publications in the field of literary criticism.
Integral sections of the journal are two thematic modules devoted to some historical phenomena and events that are considered important and influential for Polish Philology. These sections are entitled: Archives and Chronicle.